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They Wanted to Pull Out All of My Teeth
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That’s a quote from one of our new patients who went to see an “instant smile service” and listened to their pitch. She knew it didn’t make sense and decided to get a second opinion. She also found out that the “new smile” that they promise in one day, is actually temporary, and she would have to come back much later to get her “real” dentures. “Instant smile services” have one-size-fits-all approach, and that is to remove all of your teeth, place four implants in your upper and lower jaws, which will hold the future dentures in place. That may be appropriate if you have no teeth, or only a few are salvageable. You then get temporary dentures and come back later when your implants have thoroughly healed.

This type of “Instant Smile” procedure costs between $40,000 and $48,000 for both uppers and lowers, which in our opinion, is pretty steep. Many of these services spend millions of dollars on national advertising, which probably affects their price.

The procedure is also frequently performed under “full sedation”, which means that you will be under general anesthesia, similar to what you would need for major surgery.

Our custom approach is completely different. We:

  • Determine which of your teeth can be saved by using the latest technology
  • Create a customized program to restore your smile
  • Determine the best combination of dental implants, implant-secured bridges and/or dentures for you
  • Create a custom sedation plan

Although we are pretty efficient, we won’t promise you an “instant smile”. It will, however,

  • Be completed on a timely yet unrushed basis
  • Be performed entirely in our office
  • Be the right smile for you

Let us know if you would like to stop by for a consultation.