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After last weeks poll, out of all who participated only about 30% of our followers use mouthwash. While we aren’t here to judge or scold, we felt it was timely to educate on the importance of mouthwash.

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Bruxism, or teeth-grinding, is a condition where you grind, or clench your teeth. This typically occurs during sleep, but can happen “unconsciously” when you are awake. Bruxism is a sleep-related movement disorder and could be linked to snoring, and sleep apnea. Because teeth grinding most often occurs while we are unconscious, it may be difficult to identify.


– Teeth are chipped, loose or flatting

– Increase in sensitivity or tooth pain

– Tired or tight jaw muscles or locked jaw

– Jaw, neck, or face pain

– Earaches or headaches

– Chewing damage on the inside of your mouth

– Sleep disruption – snoring, apnea



– Anxiety

– Anger

– Frustrations

– Tension

– Coping Mechanism

– Dreams

– Age (more common in children)

– Personality (ie. agressive, competitive, or highstrung)

– Medications

– Hereditary

– Disorders



– Damage to teeth

– Headaches

– Severe face/jaw pain (TMJ)

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact a dentist. If you notice your child is grinding their teeth, bring it up at their next appointment.

Dental issues, of one kind or another, plague all of us to some degree. From typical sensitivity and sores, to cancer and gum disease, there is a spectrum of simple, solvable problems and more serious complications. It is important to be informed on when to contact your dentist, and when to make at-home oral heath more of a priority. Here are the top dental issues with short explanations and links to a more detailed blog on each subject.

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We get it, between everything in your life, dental work may not be a high priority. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to assure you keep your pearly whites as clean as can be. According to the Federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report, the cost of dental care has increased 23% since 1996.

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Teeth are typically most sensitive to cold foods and liquids. This is the reason you rarely see individuals bite into ice cream or a snow cone. Others who may have hypersensitive teeth can get irritated by a cool glass of milk. Similarly, one can have sensitivity to hot or warm foods, and drinks as well.

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Whether you have recently moved, or just need to find a new dentist, you want to make sure you find one you can trust. Your dentist is doing more than just cleaning your teeth. They are monitoring you for health issues, recommending procedures, and possibly preforming dental surgeries. It’s best to find a dentist who has your best interests in mind, and aligns with your views. We will give you some tips and trick to choose the best dentist for you and your family.

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We are all aware of the teeth harming things your dentist warns you about, like sugary drinks, candy, wine, and coffee, etc. But, what about the things they tend not to warm you about unless they are scolding you after the damage is done? Here are 5 surprisingly harmful things that could ruin your pearly whites.

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We all know that teeth are important. They assist in one of our most basic needs, eating. We often take for granted the value of our teeth – they do more than we think they do.

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The American Dental Association, and dentists alike, recommend flossing your teeth daily for optimal oral health. Whether we floss as much as we tell the dentist we do or not, flossing myths get thrown around about its importance and its necessity. Today we are going to prove those myths false.

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Some people dislike going to their bi-yearly dentist appointments in the 21st century. Imagine what it was like before current dentistry practices and modern technology! Let’s see how modern dentistry came to be:

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