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Don’t Let Cold Weather Drinks Ruin White Teeth
By: ChanDent , Categories: Healthy Tips , Comments Off on Don’t Let Cold Weather Drinks Ruin White Teeth

Cold weather calls for warm drinks. It’s the season for speciality coffee or hot chocolate, tea, hot apple cider, or maybe even a hot toddy. But many, if not all, of these drinks can harm your teeth with their sugary contents, or stain your teeth with their dark color. We don’t think that should stop you from enjoying that warm cup of joe, though! Here are a few tips we suggest to enjoy your sips, without the stains.

Wash it down with water

Cup of hot chocolateMake sure to sip some water while enjoying your hot beverage to help wash away the dark liquid and sugar that otherwise clings to teeth. Drinking water will also help you moderate your beverage consumption. The general health benefits of staying hydrated never hurt, either!

Use a straw

When you use a straw, your teeth are less likely to come into contact with your hot beverage. The smaller the straw, the better! Enjoy the nostalgic feeling you get as you reminisce drinking through the little coffee stir sticks as a kid. But remember, drinks through straws may be extra hot, as you’re sipping liquid from the bottom of the cup, where it hasn’t gotten to cool down.

Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth after drinking a dark beverage will help wash away any remnants that could continue to stain your enamel. If you don’t have a brush handy, opt for some sugar free gum, which will help increase salivary flow to rinse the residue away.


Plaque gives the dark residue a place to stick to. By reducing the plaque on your teeth, you’ll also reduce your risk of staining your teeth.

Of course, we always recommend stopping in for your routine exam so we can also remove any tartar that has built up on your teeth. If you’re interested in a brighter smile, you can also ask Dr. Leonard about our teeth whitening options. Call 952-443-3368 to set up your appointment.