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Whether you have recently moved, or just need to find a new dentist, you want to make sure you find one you can trust. Your dentist is doing more than just cleaning your teeth. They are monitoring you for health issues, recommending procedures, and possibly preforming dental surgeries. It’s best to find a dentist who has your best interests in mind, and aligns with your views. We will give you some tips and trick to choose the best dentist for you and your family.

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A beautiful smile never grows old, yet some people wonder whether it’s ‘too late’ for them to straighten their teeth and acquire the beautiful smile they’ve dreamed of. For those asking that very question, the answer is “no.” read more

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after dental procedures in cosmetic dentistry today. In fact, white teeth have been desired as far back as ancient Egyptian times. However, methods used in the past are not as quick or desirable as what is available today. read more

What is a Fluoride Treatment? (And Why Do I Need It?)

Every Day Attacks

Every day, teeth fight against demineralization. Demineralization is when minerals in your enamel are lost or worn away as they are attacked by acids, including plaque bacteria, sugar, and other refined carbohydrates.

Luckily, minerals can be redeposited. Remineralization (redepositing of minerals like fluoride and calcium) can occur when we eat certain food, or drink fluoridated water. However, if more minerals are lost than are redeposited, the result is tooth decay. read more

Why Are Routine Dentist Visits Important?

Everyone loves a clean, beautiful smile – any many people may believe they can maintain a healthy mouth by brushing twice a day, and flossing occasionally. However, not everyone understands that going to the dentist does more than keep your mouth clean. Did you know that routine visits (every 6 months) are recommended by the American Dental Association?

The Link Between Oral and Overall Health

What is unknown to most is that a dentist does not only care of a patient’s teeth and gums. Their education also allows them to care for head, neck, and jaw muscles, as well as salivary glands, and the nervous system of the head and neck. Oral health has also been linked to numerous general health conditions, such as: read more

A smile can communicate many things. What is your smile saying about you?

If you’re looking for a way to straighten your smile, without the appearance of metal braces, Invisalign is right for you.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign-v-bracesInvisalign® braces are a series of nearly invisible, custom-made, 3D-printed aligner trays that gradually shift your teeth into place. The clear plastic trays snap into place, but are removable, so you can eat, brush and floss, as usual. It is important to keep your mouth healthy throughout the straightening process. Aligner trays are changed approximately every two weeks, for a period of many months. The 3D-printed trays are each made specifically for your mouth, to gradually improve your smile. read more

Eliminate the Fear – Improve Your Health!

Sedation dentistry takes the fear and anxiety out of your dental visit. Fear causes some people to wait to schedule an appointment until small problems become big ones. This can lead to more serious health problems, too. Using sedation dentistry can help. Here’s how it works: read more

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Regain the strength and comfort of fully-functional teeth!

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental ImplantsMini dental implants use a minimally invasive dental implant procedure that can provide the denture stability you’ve always wanted – without the costs and time associated with full-size implant treatment. Smaller than full-size implants, mini dental implants are inserted to retain and stabilize your lower or upper dentures. After the short procedure, you can resume your normal eating activities, and smile with confidence again. read more